KC Grammar Lessons With Mark Alford

We can all use help with our writing skills in an era when emojis and hashtags suffice as effective compositions and serve to influence friends, family, love interests and the culture overall.

Accordingly, our favorite morning anchor offers a bit of instruction AND a glimpse at degraded corporate communication directed at patrons.

An instructive tweet from Mr. Alford denounces signage at a popular local retailer:

You decide . . .


  1. We started talking like this after too many years of watching Lil' Markie struggle to read the Teleprompter every morning.

  2. ^^^ exactly my thoughts as well, the man couldn’t read the damn thing if his life depended on it!

  3. Getting Comfortable With Alford's Poor Grammar

    Perhaps it was part of his joking commentary, or likely not, but riddle me the following:

    "Since when did we start this talking like this?"

    Oh yeah, that makes grammatical sense!

    Pot meets the kettle.

  4. Is that the flamer dude ? Anal boy or whatever his name.

  5. A rare man in KC that doesn't dress like a toddler in oversized basketball shorts and a jersey.

  6. I love Mark Alford. His early morning sarcasm is the only one my husband and I will watch. He's been pointing out the illiterates for years.

  7. Pretty rich coming from him. He is terrible at his job. The guy CANNOT read the teleprompter. He stumbles over words constantly and it is so annoying.

  8. Is Mark 5 feet tall ?

  9. Handsome photo. I too love Mark's humor. Keep posting Alford, Tony. Humor by the sound bite!
    Having a great month--Chiefs won, Trump acquitted. Mayor Pete won actual 14 delegates in Iowa to Bernie's 12. Klobuchar is beating Biden in NH.

    And just 4 months till June, when KCMO once again patches potholes in Waldo so we can dash across the state line from Joco to their Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.

    Life be good, by the bye and by the each, peach.


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