Kansas Wildfire Season Coming Soon

Some call it God's wrath, others claim it's global climate change . . . Whilst others simply regard more frequent infernos as part of an evolving ecosystem determined by a myriad of local causes. Read more:

Kansas now has a wildfire season - here's what that means

Illustration by Vicente Mart√ćIt's March, which means it's wildfire season in Kansas. Yes, wildfire season. In Kansas. Although the concept of seasonal conditions that causes locals to fear fires is well-established in the west-especially in the piney high desert-few think of wildfires as a threat to this region.


  1. It has always had a wildfire season.

    What year was the writer born?

  2. Prairies burn, forests burn. It's happened for thousands of years, it's how the eco-systems regulate and renew themselves. Attempted human intervention in the process causes the issues, not the natural processes themselves.

    We face a monumental challenge dealing with the effects of climate change, useless tripe like this article do nothing but hurt the efforts.

  3. when you suppress fire for decades (or even a hundred years as in the west) then you are asking for horrific wildfires to correct what man has meddled with. This won't continue in KS because nature just corrected the problem of not burning for decades on 750K acres. This is why we don't have wildfire issues in the cattle grazing areas of the tall grass prairie in the flint hills.

  4. 9:36 keep telling yourself that when it's your farm or ranch that's burned to the ground, along with every pet, animal and possession you own. Those fires that burned West of Wichita moved at speeds up to 80 miles and hour, some of those people had minutes to evacuate.

    And BTW shove your climate change up your ass. I'm sick and tired of fucktards like you using natural weather changes of decades and decades as a ploy to allow governments to wrest more control and tax revenue from its citizens.

  5. 10:26, I see the truth really triggers your ass.

  6. @10:26 Please produce your advance degree in science or shut you ignorant mouth. We don’t need to hear Cletus from the retirement home giving us his worthless opinions on climate change while sitting in a shitty diaper all day. OK Boomer?

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  8. 12:18 Boomer? Try Gen X you millennial little fuck.


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