Kansas Soon To Payback Wrongfully Convicted Man From The Dotte

The GOP AG and a bipartisan coalition now support this move . . "Under a 2018 Kansas law, Lamonte McIntyre is likely to receive $1.5 million from the state - $65,000 for each year he spent in prison - plus money to cover attorney fees and other expenses.McIntyre's case was one of several that prompted the law requiring the state to compensate victims of wrongful convictions."

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Kansas no longer fighting claims of wrongly convicted KCK man

Kansas is dropping its fight against the compensation claim from a man who spent 23 years in prison for a double homicide before a judge vacated convictions that were secured even though no physical evidence or motive tied him to the crimes, the state's attorney general said Tuesday.


  1. This man deserves to be paid that is the least Kansas can do and that's not near enough. Pay up Kansas.

  2. The money should come from the KCK police pension fund. It was the lying cocksucker KCK cops that caused this.

  3. 1.5 Million is a largely grotesque LOW amount. He needs 2 Mil for every year he was in prison. Do not let WYCO get off easy.. do not let this man get underpaid.

  4. Glad to see Kansas doing the right thing here.


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