Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids Walks With Prez Trump At Start Of State Of The Union

About an hour ago the Kansas politico released a presser that has pretty much the same info as this note behind Kansas City's great paywall . . . Check the teaser link:

Kansas Democrat Sharice Davids will escort President Trump into State of the Union

Rep. Sharice Davids will serve as one of President Donald Trump's escorts at Tuesday night's State of the Union address. The Kansas Democrat, who was elected in 2018 amid an anti-Trump wave, was selected for the traditional duty by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California.


  1. Harper Lee's Head In A Jar2/4/20, 9:24 PM

    That must be why Trump had Kansas on his mind after the Chiefs won the Superbowl --he wants some of that Indian/Lesbo/Kickboxer snatch !

  2. Does Sharice even know who Trump is?


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