Friday, February 07, 2020

Kansas Pro-Life Legislation Shut Down

We talk a lot about Red State hegemony but the reality is the FEW wanted a SERIOUS fight about this issue going into 2020. Take a look:

Kansas GOP lawmakers fail in anti-abortion amendment effort

TOPEKA, Kan. -- Republican lawmakers in Kansas on Friday failed to get a proposed anti-abortion amendment to the state constitution on the ballot, stalling efforts to ensure that its Bill of Rights does not secure a right to an abortion.


Anonymous said...

It had 2/3 majority in the Legislature and short 2/3 by just 4 votes in the Senate, not exactly a FEW...

Anonymous said...

The problem with the loss is that it now is illegal for Kansas to regulate the abortion industry at all. You can not require them to meet minimum standards and you can not stop the abortion providers from killing babies that are viable outside the womb. It is not all about stopping abortion it is about regulating abortion and it is about PROTECTING women from unscrupulous people that if they would kill a baby what would they do to a woman now that they don't have to meet guidelines?
I don't want women hurt or killed by the abortionists. This should have passed easily.

MDLQ said...

So why does your god keep killing babies inside their mothers?
Why do the birth defect keep happening?
When will the stillbirths stop?
...Why does your god hate babies?