Kansas GOP Kills Pro-Life Push

The reality is that Conservatives aren't sure they can sell this hardline crackdown to the voting public and remain in the midst of a debate among the right-wing. Read more:

Four Kansas Republicans Stopped Their Party's Anti-Abortion Bill, But GOP Says It's Not Over

TOPEKA, Kansas - The Kansas House narrowly rejected a constitutional amendment Friday that would have said there's no right to abortion in the state constitution. After the defeat, Republican leaders promised this "was just the beginning." "Don't be surprised when it comes up again because it will come up again this session," House Majority Leader Dan Hawkins said after the vote.


  1. Is it possible Kansans have come around to the view that women should be in control of their own bodies and not required to become mandatory incubators???

  2. Horrible week for Democrats- no matter how you look again it.

    Trump beat impeachment, Dems screwed up the Iowa caucuses, Trump gave an amazing State of the Union address and Nancy Pelosi was reduced to being a paper shredder. Friday’s phenomenal jobs report was the icing on Trump’s cake, then he got the cherry when a federal appeals court unanimously rejected a suit by 200 Dem lawmakers over foreign payments to his businesses.

    Stock market is roaring.. pumping billions into Union pension funds. Many union members taking notice with defections to GOP.

    Dems might get noisy- but thanks to Adam Schiff, Pelosi, and editorial boards from failing dead-tree media who haven’t a clue how to save themselves let alone the left... Trump on target to re-election in 2020.

  3. And yet Trump still sucks. Weird.

  4. 9:32 this is less about women's right to choose than it is the Kansas Supreme Court creating laws and rewriting the constitution at their whim. They've done this with school funding and now with abortion.

  5. Only sucking I see is you Weirdo, so how about you just STFU!

  6. ....the only thing killing babies more than humans is..........
    god. Not only does god kill babies...god disfigures them for life......
    why does god do these things?
    Modern science is going to stop some of these things from happening....
    But god keeps 'blessing' us with more..........
    you can pray all you want, but god continues..........he has ...........
    ...................free will.

  7. Abortion is like anal sex. You know if occurs and even accept it and those who engage in the behavior, but at the end of the day, to think about it, its still gross.


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