Monday, February 24, 2020

Kansas City's Favorite Welshman Helps Us Watch The News This Week

A very useful guide to issues under consideration this week . . . Checkit:

Nick's Picks: A Peek at the News to Come This Week

Here's a look at the local week in news before it happens. Funeral services are today for a Kansas City, Kansas, school crossing guard who sacrificed his own life to save two children from a speeding vehicle. Expect a bill in the Kansas Legislature to better protect crossing guards.


Anonymous said...

A legend in his own mind.
Small-time celebrity wannabe in a little PBS market.

Anonymous said...

What’s a new bill that protects a crossing guard gonna do? Anybody who runs down another human being should get jail time, wait, what? They already have laws on the books for this?

Anonymous said...


When he was new to America, Haines announced at a broadcasters dinner that he loved BBC, only to be surrounded by the likes of Don Lemon!!!