Kansas City Youngster Refugee Detention Center Coming Soon?!?!?

We talked about this detention effort earlier this week . . . Here's worthwhile follow-up from The Pitch:

Pitch: Developer eyes Troost for immigrant child detention center


"VisionQuest is working with a local developer to open “a residential shelter for unaccompanied alien children” at the site of the former Kindred Hospital, 8701 Troost, which has been vacant since their operations ended two years ago.

"The developer, BID Group, is seeking a special use permit that would allow them to build out the detention center for VisionQuest, a private for-profit company who runs such facilities across the country."

Counterpoint . . .

The petition against this move has earned nearly 2,000 signatures.

Developing . . .


  1. Build a detention center somewhere near 27th and Benton. That will put the would be "refugees" back on the road to Mexico PDQ.

  2. Byron Funkhouser2/29/20, 5:48 PM

    ^^We're talking about children.

    Do you want to pretend that they are criminals.

    A racist is someone who hates children.

  3. ^^^ oh shut up bLIEron, you and your opinions, constant lies and whatever aren’t needed here, go cry wolf some where else already.

  4. Send Byron and the unaccompanied alien children back to where ever the hell they came from and let that country deal with them.

  5. I Googled VisionQuest and all the results turned up a movie.

  6. ^^^ Google caters to idiot consumers they don't want an informed and educated public.

  7. " A Racist is someone who hates Children.".. Are you fucking retarded ?

  8. ^^^Not retarded, but probably drunk. That would be his only excuse this side of stupid.

  9. Byron is broke, waiting on our money on the 3rd. Getting a little more crazy this last week. Totally nut job.

  10. I just watched videos of Oprah and Madonna falling on stage. No post reply could be better than watching those Broads take a fall. Continue on Posters.

  11. Well we all know if Byron had his way they'd ship all of them to his house, he's already got that pedo playroom in his basement all set up for them.


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