Saturday, February 29, 2020


Here's a local update as the ANYBODY BUT BERNIE movement starts to take hold in working-class Democratic Party towns across the nation.

Democratic Party presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg will be in Kansas City on March 8. Buttigieg and his campaign will be hosting a town hall event at around 12:15 p.m.

The campaign isn't giving deets on where the event will take place yet . . . But don't count on a location anywhere near the urban core.


Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

There is no moderate Democrat anymore. Gays are anything but moderate.

Anonymous said...

Will he introduce his new nine year old boyfriend?

Anonymous said...

Outstanding candidate...and I thank him for his service to our country. We don’t make a lot of patriots like this anymore...

Anonymous said...

We don’t need a homosexual president, that is for sure. So far, homosexuals have not proven they can even be a good mayor of a city yet.

Anonymous said...

He has no shot. It's Bernie, probably, depending on how Biden does in SC.

Anonymous said...

He will not be getting butt-fucked by the husband in Lincoln's bed.

Anonymous said...

But wouldn't he just be carrying on a tradition established by Lincoln, who turned out to be a pretty good president in spite of being, ummmmm.... fluid?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be vasaline ? or K Y easy in jelly ? We have been so brainwashed that we must have some LGBT represent and head everything. Wonder how many Muslim countries or Communist Countries will respect the office of the Fagler ? None. Like most of our population.

Anonymous said...


More fantasies spun by the LGBT crowd.
You guys spend a lot of time sitting around dreaming this shit up.
Lincoln was not a fag.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't a very good president either. Maybe people should stop reading pushed agenda books and instead figure out his stances. Sometimes people do shit just to stay in power or keep a party in power. Not for the good of its citizens.

Anonymous said...

many awkward kids are .... fluid, that's how they finally loose their virginity.

chuck said...

I would vote for Richard Grenell in a nano-second for President and he is gay. It's the policies, not the preferences sexually.

Pete was a failed mayor of a town of 100,000. He is less qualified to run the entire country, it's economy and government than Sly James. James wasn't a total failure and he operated on a stage 4 times as big as Pete.

Think about that. Sly James would be 4 times as qualified for president, as Pete. Pete's campaign centers mostly around "Checking The Box" in the "Identity Politics" sweepstakes. He claims he was discriminated against and has had to struggle through "oppression".

He went to Harvard and Oxford, then worked at McKinsey on Wall Street. He comes from a very, very privileged background, which I am ok with, but don't bullshit me about growing up in the fuckin streets.

Again, Sly James, love him or hate him, would be a light year more qualified to be president than Pete.

The only Democrat on the stage who shouldn't scare the holy fuck outta people if he gets elected, is the hypocrite, Mike Bloomberg.

That's how bad it is.

A man who wants to control your soft drinks, take your guns, curtail the 1st Amendment and centralize even more power on the Coasts, is the safest Democrat bet.

Sanders, is easily the scariest.

100 Trillion Dollars shifted out of your pockets, into bureaucrats in D.C. to control virtually everything in your life. The whacko fucks may as well hook us up with tubes in to machines like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix, drug us all into stupification and slowly suck, like the fukkin vampires they are, what is left of the life out of us.

Anonymous said...

oh c'mon would bernie be sucking money from you chuck or trying force some money to trickle down around you, with lots bureaucrats taking a bite along the way.

Anonymous said...

As a rule, I agree with Chuck. However, mini mike is a wanna be DICTATOR! Worst possible choice! As for pet the cheat of pete bot, you pick, the cia's guy.

Anonymous said...

OK Boomers.

Anonymous said...

Is that mayo on your chin, mayo Pete?

chuck said...

8:46 I think Bloomberg would be terrible too, but, the rest of the field makes up the most incompetent, Marxist/Socialist ideologues in one place since Vlad Lenin's last confab in the Kremlin.

They are literally crazy.

100 Trillion Dollars?

Imagine Bernie, who has NEVAR had a job in the private sector, on his first day in office, with his "Pen And Phone" issuing "Obama Care" type executive orders (That the media will give him a pass on.) and then the ensuing chaos.

Remember when the fuckin idiots "Rolled Out" Obama Care?

What a cluster fuck.

This time, it's not just an "adjustment" to Health Care, it is the retooling and centralization of the entire fucking goddamned economy by 'book smart' (Read: Marxist/Alinsky/AOC theory) bureaucrats with no real experience in the real world.

Holy shit what a nuclear meltdown. Those excited, eager, enthusiastic, Marxist Mandarins, now in charge of the shiny new vehicle, would turn it into the ultimate engine of destruction before lunch.

I can just see the pompous fuckin gas bags, surrounded with advisers from academia - "The Smartest Girls In The Room" -, the Progressive's "Best and Brightest' dismantling the energy sector prior to some avocado on toast with some wine and brie for lunch, then, on to The New Green Deal.

These fuckin morons, prove, categorically, out loud, on video, documented and in living color, their belligerent ignorance every day in the news with their pie in the sky, "Fundamental Change" that fails, every fuckin time on planet earth.

It's astonishing, that Americans are so fuckin stupid so fuckin fast.

But, it is what it is.

We all have "Gender" degrees now and are so fuckin Woke.

Anonymous said...

^^^^OK Boomer

chuck said...

If yo think Sly James would be bad, but better than Pete, what about LeBron James?

Seriously, he says he might run.

This guy's Brobdingnagian ego, knows no galactic boundaries. He looked into the camera, no doubt after practicing in the mirror, his most earnest and convincing look and mentions that at some point, he would be available.

The guy can dunk a basketball.

I will never forget that one time, he ran down the court and dunked that one basket. Do you guys remember the one I am talking about? WOW! It went right through the hoop and I remember thinking, I would never forget that one, that one was really special. Maybe, it was because he threw his fist in the air so forcefully right after he dunked that one basket that time. you remember now, right? WOW, what a basket.

Obviously we would be racist NOT to vote for such a qualified, progressive who has waxed philisophically and poetically on such matters as coaches in the NBA shutting the fuck up and not supporting Freedom Fighters in Hong Kong because it might diminish his already diminutive salary.

What the fuck was that idiot thinking?

There is no little irony in the fact, that LeBorn James has the best "Lincoln" Beard I have ever seen and probably has no idea when the Civil War took place.

Maybe Bernie can get him to run as VP.

chuck said...

I forgot to mention how high in the air he jumped when he made that one basket.

It was really something.

He should be running for President right now.

Anonymous said...

Don't count out Mayor Peter just yet. He has a lot of experience coming from behind.

Boomers Rule said...

Love the ok Boomer dude. Makes me smile to know that "Millie=Millenial" knows he's screwed because we own and control everything that matters. Yes we even own the mortgage on his moms house. Keep working your smartphone you man-bun wearing, civil war beard sporting half a fag. Venture out of mom's basement and enjoy the real world.

Boomers Rule said...

Love the ok Boomer dude. Makes me smile to know that "Millie=Millenial" knows he's screwed because we own and control everything that matters. Yes we even own the mortgage on his moms house. Keep working your smartphone you man-bun wearing, civil war beard sporting half a fag. Venture out of mom's basement and enjoy the real world.

Anonymous said...

And yet you think this is so clever you've posted it twice here and many times before making us question whether you merely have dementia or full-blown Alzheimer's. Weird.

Anonymous said...


There's a group inside the CIA that "creates" politicians.

If you have the ability and means to control your own destiny, or control those who ostensibly oversee your organization, why wouldn't you do it?

And while you're at it, why not play some psy-ops games with the sheeple?

At a time when America's number one enemy was declared to be a tall, thin, brown-skinned man named OSAMA, this group checked their database and plucked a University of Chicago lecturer and Illinois State Senator for fast-track advancement to the national stage. This tall, thin, brown-skinned man's name is OBAMA. Who's on first base?

In 2020, with the LGBTQ normalization indoctrination in full-stride, these wunderkinds are pushing America's first out-homosexual presidential candidate. And once again, with the sheeple sleepwalking, why not have some fun with it?

Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg is a lot to work with, in terms of branding for a homosexual.
Examples: Peter, PP, Butt
Oh, and he's "married" to a man (the Supreme Court ruling on Gay Marriage was an integral part of the LGBTQ normalization indoctrination) named Chasten.
Even here they're having fun, for the root of "Chasten" is the word CHASTE, meaning abstaining from extramarital sexual intercourse. The subliminal message is that Mayor Buttplug married a "pure" homosexual man. What a wholesome (or hole-some) family!

Glad to help inform any surviving thinkers out there, though their numbers have dwindled to the point of "endangered" status.

Anonymous said...

I detect some desire on your part to take a big thick cock up your ass. You want to suck some cock and get fucked by another man.

Anonymous said...

He's just adorable!

Anonymous said...

The LGBT crowd is all that's supporting Mayor Pete. Seriously if this guy was heterosexual he wouldn't even have gotten on a ballot. He is the mayor of a city the size of Independence. He has zero qualifications to be the President.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Pete Buttfaggot will be dropping out of the race soon.

Anonymous said...

11:03: I understand the coronavirus has mutated so it will attack only right-wing nutjobs, so you'd best crawl back under your rock until the scare is over.

Anonymous said...

All candidates are required to be LGBT or Black. Or their small percentage of the population can not control rational thinking people.

Anonymous said...

South Carolina just stated that Our Party doesn't need a Homosexual Prez. Next we have to get the Stalin Sanders out. Sure win !!!

Anonymous said...

As South Carolina goes, so goes no one ever.

Byron Funkhouser said...

I was going to comment, but I'm afraid I'll be accused of making this thread all about me.

But, since Chuck, as usual, has made it all about him, I'm hoping it's safe now.

11:03, that kind of nonsense is not useful.

If your only reason for not voting for him is because he's gay, then you are the problem, not him.

I'm not going to vote for him because I don't think he can beat Trump, & that's the most important thing to me.

Anonymous said...

Go BIDEN !! Beat cray cray Bernie, the bitch boy, the rich boy and the injun maiden. Let the diverse Party once again elect a Rich Old White Male.

Anonymous said...

Byron caught in another lie. You said you would vote for anybody but Trump.

Anonymous said...

11:03 comment

You get points for originality and investigative reporting, but also a demerit for thinking that anyone on this site is capable of receiving the unvarnished truth.

MAGA/KAGA Republican supporters have swallowed the fabricated Trump story line without a hiccup.

Democrats are equally brain-dead lining up to support one of the cartoon characters vying to challenge the reality-TV/WrestleMania star known as DJTrump.

Anonymous said...

Hey Byron, the thread isn't about you but this is:

Fuck off.