Kansas City Vacation to China Cancelled

Unfortunately, China's problems are reportedly coming home to the U.S. - - Here's the local tourism angle:

Even with insurance, KC family irked that trip to China isn't refundable after coronavirus outbreak

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A family in the Northland is learning the hard way that travel insurance isn't always what it appears to be. Jill and Scott Heil's son is a high school junior, who has been studying Chinese for three years.


  1. Byron Funkhouser2/16/20, 11:29 AM

    poor babies ...

  2. Byron, you've overstepped on this one. Those travel insurance companies are slimeballs and the more publicity that fact gets the better. If those folks paid with a credit card, they may have some recourse.

  3. Use the $1,665 that is refunded and visit every Chinese restaurant around to practice the language. Chinese food in China isn't that tasty anyway, outside of Hong Kong.

  4. travel insurance doesn't sound like it's really worth much. maybe for personal health issues, it could be.

  5. Son must have missed the lack of civil rights, slavery labor part of the dream. Just to name a few. Bernie Jr must like anti American values.

  6. it's weird that byron comments on a local affairs blog for a city he doesn't even live in.... which i only bring up because the first comment was really insensitive and kind of mean-spirited.

    but my comment is that, is there anything worse than an insurance company? and then I think, wow, Obamacare, that entire scheme was just tossing a huge bone to the insurance industry, bc if you don't buy their health insurance you get a tax bill penalty. why not just medicare for all instead what's the big deal. sorry for getting off topic.


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