Kansas City V-Day Postscript Week In Review

Kansas City newsmakers talk Mayor Q, the budget and more as the rest of us dry our eyes following love day and/or limp along with our lives.

"Nick Haines, Dia Wall, Pete Mundo, Eric Wesson and Micheal Mahoney discuss Mayor Quinton Lucas' first State of the City address and his first six months on the job, the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, marking the 100th anniversary of Negro Leagues Baseball, the battle over abortion and Medicaid expansion in Kansas, the teacher contract dispute in the Shawnee Mission School District & honoring MLK."

Take a look . . .

You decide . . .


  1. Nick Haines and The Zombies

  2. If the panelists did not know the questions and the topics prior to the taping, I think the show would be a lot more entertaining and educational. Everybody knows the questions and already has their answer in a can ready to go. It would be a more lively discussion. For gosh sakes even an idiot can look good if given the questions and is able to work the answers ahead of time.

  3. The purpose of the show is to squash peoples expectations.

  4. Is Greitens running?
    What’s Tracy think? What about Tony Messenger?
    We need a column with those 2 discussing Greitens.
    What about the brainy prosecutor Kim in St Louis?
    This is stuff that sells papers.
    Let’s beat ‘em to the punch and get a good forum here!

  5. Boring ass show, full of boring ass people, who make the same boring ass comments every week. You'll never find out anything on this show because Nick is to big a pussy to take on the real problems and have people on who will scare the hell out of civic leaders in this town with their hard hitting points of what a lousy job that the two KC's and surrounding cities are doing.


    For the 1st time ever (?) there is no representative from the KC Falling Star.

    I guess after the McClatchy bankruptcy this week, they're all scrambling to see how many pennies on the dollar their pension is really worth. That, and interviewing elsewhere.

  7. Hey, the KANSAS CITY OASIS group ain't as friendly as it claims.

  8. If you are tranny or queer you will be very popular.

  9. @12:22 VERY GOOD POINT!

  10. Haters gonna hate. Those that can't do....criticize those that can.

  11. ^^^^ like you. Weird.

  12. Watch out!!
    Many leaving the star- many many many already gone and those that are left will try to leave some will say.
    Prediction: they will stop publishing on Saturday.
    New prediction: will go to 3 times a week by year end.

    You will see volunteer articles and photos submitted.

    They will team up with high schoolers and grade schools and using cutting edge tech.
    Stay tuned for exciting Pulitzer worthy articles with titles like:

    1. Enjoying your pet parakeet
    2. How to save the planet by not getting a paper in your driveway.
    3. Glass: A Royal man and our building... A pun is fun
    4. How AP got better Chiefs stories and photos of the Super Bowl
    5. Lewis Duigood- enjoying his stories about his dad and VW
    6. How to blog after the star
    7. Why we hate trump and it’s his fault we are bankrupt
    8. Pension was just a promise
    9. We fired our carriers and sent our customer care overseas with people who barely know English... and we are so proud of it
    10. Our editorial board keeps on making us money


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