Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar Stays Losing In Parade Whilst Bus Reroutes Traffic

Here's a glimpse at Kansas City's most controversial mode of transit tacitly admitting that it doesn't work when real life density is a concern. Checkit:

KC Streetcar to shutdown for Chiefs' victory parade

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - KC Streetcar officials told 41 Action News Monday they plan to suspend service at midnight Wednesday. After the last trip Tuesday night, the streetcar wrapped in Chiefs decoration will park at Union Station, and then power will be cut to the lines.


  1. But what about the 25 million tourists and the 2 million riders?

  2. Oh bloody hell, how will the people ever get around?

  3. Just be sure not to park on the Interstate on Wednesday, since that is a MoDOT Road.
    Josef Stalin Turner will catch you and give you a nerdy Mizzou reminder that walking along Interstates is against some technical government manual policy.

  4. Can't you see the hordes of people standing around the toy trains stops. Not knowing what to do because the trains not running. Just standing and looking. Like when the escalators not running and then you can't get upstairs or down.

  5. Since the trolley ALSO often shuts down during show and ice, don't count on it making it all the way thru TUESDAY EITHER!

    What a waste of tax dollars,
    now being used to justify free regular busses, so as not to offend folks in the inner city.

    Might as well be a paper airplane. Few flights.

    Oh wait....the new airport is coming online next.

  6. Would someone PLEASE devise a legitimate, implementable plan to hold City Hall ACCOUNTABLE!!!

    Wake up SHEEPLE!!!

  7. LOL two miles of street rail for$102 million .... -radish


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