Kansas City Thursday Freeze Out

In this quick check of Kansas City coldness we reference hottie Kate's iconic trip to Antarctica in order to put things in perspective . . .

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Bitter cold closes schools, creates icy patches across metro

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A blast of bitter cold hit the metro Wednesday night, causing many metro residents to stay home Thursday. Most school districts in the area canceled classes so that students wouldn't be out in the -15 degree wind chills. The snow on roads combined with wind and temperatures factored into the decision.

Info Whilst Awaiting New KCI

How KCI prepares for inclement weather

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The snow and icy conditions didn't impact scheduled flights at Kansas City International Airport early Thursday morning. Crews worked split shifts to handle any accumulation overnight. Back in January, an a irplane slid off the taxiway, causing the runways to close for a few hours.

Context From KC

How a Trip to the Arctic Melted My Icy Heart

I spent a full 48 hours in Finland before I actually saw the sun. The sky fluctuated between dark and extremely overcast-the kind of weather most people want to run from in winter. But it was exactly what I had in mind when I booked my solo trip to Lapland in November of last year.

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