Kansas City Talks Cash & Travel Confidence Amid Growing Coronavirus Concern

Here's a glimpse at local money and moving talk at the outset of a health crisis that's not yet a pandemic but something that has inspired talk of preparation. Read more:

Coronavirus prompting travel, financial concerns for locals

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - While the market dip may cause you to hide money away, now might be the time to invest. Images of people trapped on cruise ships and escorted off planes just last week caused the market to react Monday morning.


  1. People living in a country that promotes eating bats, rats, dogs, & cats can stay the hell in their country. Filthy heathens.

  2. The virus is huge. The numbers are artifically low. To prevent panic. While its not the flu, and not a deadly - it will swamp all our hospitals to the brim, cause nurses to call in sick, and anyone having a normal surgery there will get the virus and maybe die. Its going to send our medical care back to the 1930's level of performance. Very dangerous for pre-existing condition people as you can catch the virus over and over again.

  3. Flush Bimbaugh says "It's just a common cold"......
    .....You believe 'im don't ya?
    ...some say it's a "Blessing from god".........
    isn't it?


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