Kansas City Street Fight: Sign Waldo Petition Against Potholes

We talked about the crusade of Kansas City's "Captain Pothole" last month but now it's clear the effort needs a bit of a push . . .

Here's a peek at the petition effort that hasn't quite crossed 1000 signatures:

Change.org: Repave Waldo arterial roads filled with dangerous potholes!

The pitch:

"Something as simple as rain causes wholesale road asphalt disintegration. Craters, not potholes, form year-round wreaking havoc on tax payer vehicles. These conditions are hazardous to both personal property and citizen safety.

"Each year, Waldo residents hope KCMO will repave the roads only to receive temporary cover-the-symptom patching. Often times, the patch fails within weeks.

"KCMO is responsible for these streets and Waldo citizens have filed countless 311 Action Center reports with very little action. Please sign this petition to get the attention of City leaders. KCMO has one of the highest Metro sales tax rates in America. We demand and expect more from the significant tax dollars we pay to the City. It's time for KCMO to properly fix our Waldo streets."

Fact is, Waldo is hardly the worst neighborhood when it comes to crumbling streets in Kansas City proper even if Wornall might be the ugliest street in the Midwest thanks to billboards and broken roads. The hope here is that improvement in this part of town will refocus KCMO on street maintenance throughout the city.

Sadly, some voters have been waiting for that for over 40 years.

Developing . . . .


  1. Wait in line Waldo, Blue River Road has been closed over 10 years. If you would quit voting democrat and for every tax increase maybe things would change.

  2. I talked to a guy that sells asphalt commercially. He told me that in Kansas they use a premium blend of asphalt on roads where KCMO and Jackson County use a lower quality blend of asphalt on the roads. He said that JOCO cities also clear snow from the road way and the roads dry much quicker. Roads that remain unplowed and have numerous freeze thaw cycles and remain wet deteriorate much faster. This explains a lot about the pot hole problems in Missouri. But mayor Lucas has said he is going to pardon all of the people charged in pothole offenses. What? Pot not potholes? Sorry I guess there is no excuses for the potholes.

  3. How many pothole complainers were objecting when real estate and construction companies controlled government into building this ridiculously expensive huge and wide road network?

  4. Given that Waldo has been around for well over a century, your best chance to contact them is probably through a seance.

    1. Deff not just about waldo.


  5. NO why don't you people send a message to your state representative and state senator. That's the only way you are going to get things done. The mayor Lucas said he didn't have enough help and men went to the city willing to work and never got contacted in any way. Your mayor is a liar and he is racist and needs to be reported for this. Do the right thing, go over his head or keep your mouth shut and deal with it.

  6. Waldo has some of the highest turnouts of voters each ejection. Each election cycle, politicians swarm into the neighborhood asking for votes. Each election Waldo voters elect the same people into office. So stop crying and deal with the crime, potholes and high taxes like the rest of us.

  7. In Waldo you have per capita the largest concentration of buttfucking queers of Kansas City so it makes sense a bunch of democrat queers get voted in and nothing gets done except for them picking up their paychecks like clockwork

  8. Now, now. Just because you can't afford a tent in Tower Park is no reason to get all pissy.


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