Kansas City Star Paywall Podcast Argues For Police Body Camera Crackdown

As part of the effort to push toward local control . . . The Newspaper is charging subscribers to listen to their pronouncements and push power over police to the crew at City Hall who can't fill potholes . . . Good luck with all of this:

Being a Kansas City police officer is a tough job. Body cameras might just help

There's always much discussion of the Kansas City Police Department's budget. The topic of body cameras is on the agenda yet again. But several mitigating factors - especially the fact that the city doesn't have local control over the department - continue to stand in the way.


  1. Ah a Dave Helling write up. Does this guy have any functioning brain cells left?

  2. ^^Not really, he'll soon probably be looking for a job and end up writing for the Pitch.

  3. Body cameras have had the unintended consequence of showing minorities in a harsh light. They are not the exposer of police misconduct that the liberal bed welters had hoped for.

  4. Maybe he could help old Bill Tammeous out writing.
    Get some Gertitol and Depemds ad money.'

  5. Before buying expensive cameras, you need to decide on the purpose of your YouTube channel. Blogging, games, makeup reviews and tutorials.

  6. Body cameras are a smart move. The downside is sure they will expose a bad cop here and there but they will show tenfold what really happens out there on the streets and all these aunties and grandmothers will no longer be able to say their favorite thug was turning his life around. A body camera would have showed the world what an asshole Michael Brown really was.


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