Kansas City Star Demands Gun Confiscation Amid He Said/She Said Disputes

Newspaper offers this horrific screed proving every "gun grabber" fear correct when they ask for summary judgement without trial to take guns away based only on a charge without hearing the other side of the story . . . Here's the paywall propaganda tease:

Why do domestic violence cases go to KC court that can't serve warrants or confiscate guns?

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas was checking on what impact his new city ordinance was having - the one that was supposed to be taking guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. Zero impact, he learned. And that wasn't going to change since the Kansas City Police Department wasn't confiscating those guns.


  1. The commie red star says make it happen!..... hahahahaha!

  2. Did Mayor McDrinkerson think he was being taken seriously?

    Dance on your strings and take selfies. Lots of smiling selfies.

  3. A "He Said-She Said" dispute leads to the subjective interpretation of local authorities on your 2nd Amendment rights.

    The Liberal KC Star and the Progressive Mayor would like nothing more than to determine, based on THEIR interpretation and extrapolation of your future behavior, like "Minority Report" with Tom Cruise, your rights to carry a firearm.

    It's fuckin bullshit.

    The Governments in our country, Federal, State and Local are, for the most part, corrupt, agenda driven, Progressive Fascists who want TOTAL control over everything in your life.

  4. You can't lock up every monkey.

  5. A more logical solution would be to take their rifles away and provide each with a handgun. That way neither would have an advantage.

  6. They know there Partner was abusive before they Married them or moved in .In,a bad relationship leave. If you want to keep your guns be a law abiding citizen.

  7. ^^^Jesus retro retard, it’s hard to take anything you say seriously when you can’t spell or even use third-grade punctuation. Terrible. Just terrible.


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