Kansas City Star Anti-Gun Spin: Firearm Lawsuits Stop Mexican Drug Cartels?!?

The newspaper offers pure fantasy for Sunday as they turn to to foreign officials in order to persuade locals to support a legal crackdown on 2nd Amendment rights.

Meanwhile, and just for a reality check, the Mexican government has STRICT anti-gun laws that make the cartels giggle whilst they basically run that country thru drugs and now the avocado trade.

Here's DANGEROUS AND DISGUSTING KANSAS CITY STAR PROPAGANDA TARGETING CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS thankfully hidden behind a paywall supported only by suckers:

Kansas City gun lawsuit will take money out of the Mexican drug cartels' hands

On Jan. 7, the city of Kansas City filed a lawsuit against local weapons dealers and an out-of-state firearm manufacturer after reviewing evidence of a gun trafficking ring that operated from 2014 through 2019.


  1. The pretense that a law suit, or legislation will stop cartel members from acquiring guns is preposterous on it's face. This is subterfuge and indicates once again, that the people who rule over us, are afraid of us and for good reason.

    The Progressive/Fascist/Totalitarian/Democrat/Socialist cabal that runs the media, the DNC, the Deep State and Big Tech seeks the exact same type of control over the so called "electorate" as do the Thought Leaders in Russia, Venezuela, China, Cuba etc. etc. etc. The real reason for GUN CONTROL LAWS is the existential need for PEOPLE CONTROL because, as the Washington Post owned Jeff Bezos explains to we Hoi Polloi, we are too stupid to vote and ELITES should have even MORE control over our lives.


    They are right to fear the people they hate.

    They could care one fuckin fuck about crime in the streets, it is the Alinsky/Progressive take over that is in danger, if every day Americans can still retain control over their rights. The 1st Amendment - The 2nd Amendment are what you see on a daily basis, under attack, but these fuckin pukes are really interested in a sweeping destruction of the entire Constitution, especially the 9th Amendment, which, refers back to the Declaration of Independence that seeks the lawful and uninhibited pursuit of "Life Liberty and Happiness".

    The corruption in Washington D.C. knows no bounds and knows no senescence. Progressive greed for power is the antithetical Radix Malorum that seeks the categorical destruction of this country as it once was and is, barely today.

    They can all eat shit and die.

    Keep your guns, keep all, every fuckin one of your guns and go buy more.

    We are probably gonna need them.

  2. The western counties in Virginia have a good reason to want to secede from that state and join West Virginia.

  3. Governor "Blackface" seeking to keep his job.

    Take your guns, kill the babies, free health care for the world, turn in your cars and VOTE FOR BERNIE!!!!

  4. The Star's distance from reality is great, and increasing. In what must be the paper's death throes, they can no longer distinguish leftist cant from what's actually happening in the world.

  5. Zaquan Meatloauf2/23/20, 9:59 AM

    Liberal narrative is, “If confiscating all guns saves just one life, it is worth it.”
    Well then if deporting all illegal aliens saves just one life, it is worth it.

  6. ^^^ Nice one!

  7. 9:59 Also, NICE. Like, if banning cars will save 1 life, is it worth it?

  8. 9:59 for the win that needs to be said more often.

  9. FYI... it’s almost 60 degrees outside today. You losers need to go out and play! Give your ignorance a rest for a while. I’m going back out know, so you chuds don’t have to say “but you’re here” some some idiotic robots, I just came on here to remind you all what losers you are.

  10. Byron Funkhouser2/23/20, 12:32 PM

    Why will people need their guns, Chuck?

    You seem to be threatening violence where you are not threatened with violence.

    Maybe, you we would be all safer if you, & the other crazy gun nuts, were disarmed.

    Gun owners are dangerous enemies of the people.

  11. ^^It's only noon retard. I like to sit on my ass for a while on a Sunday morning, have a cup of coffee and some breakfast as I check out things. I might go work in the yard later and maybe I won't, in the end what fucking business is it of yours how I spend a day off? Do you pay my fucking bills? Are you my father? No you're none of those things but you seem to think it's all your way or no way and can tell me what to do with my life.

    How about you go fuck yourself outside in front of the neighbors who have to live next to your miserable ass at the trailer park.

    Besides I hate assholes telling me what I'm doing is wrong while doing the exact same thing.

  12. I need a gun Byron Funkhouser so when losers like you enter my house trying to take what is mine I can blow you right back out the door. I'm not threatening violence, I am just delivering it to you in return for the violence you think you have a right to inflict upon me. So far not a person one in Kansas City who died from a gun shoot was killed by a law abiding person. A person has a right to own a gun to protect themselves from those who shouldn't own or have a gun.

    We need the death penalty reinstated to eliminate all the enemies of the people.

    1. If the death penalty were in place for disability faking welfare cheats, Byron would have been dead long ago.

  13. The Star’s hatred of poor people is evident in their sky high demands in subscription rate that most can’t afford.

    If you are poor you can’t afford the news- the paper knows it and is willing to be two faced about it:

    We are on your side... but you can’t advance beyond our paywall. We hate you.. but we love you.

    Does anyone see why they are going bankrupt morally and ethically that works there?

  14. @9:59 Deport illlegal aliens? How far we talking bout 17th century? Cool!

  15. If children were banned then Bryon would be able to fuck them, just a thought...

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