Kansas City Sports Anchor Dee Jackson Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Settled

Update on TV news racial drama that involves a growing cast of players. Here's a dry update that doesn't provide a lot of info but seems to wrap up this drama. Read more:

Former TV Sports Reporter Dee Jackson Settles His Lawsuit Against Channel 41

Former KSHB-TV Channel 41 sports anchor Demetrice "Dee" Jackson has settled his race discrimination and retaliation lawsuit against the station. Jackson's attorneys said the matter had been "resolved," but declined further comment. Jackson, who is no longer employed at the station, confirmed that the case was over and that he was "pleased with the end result."


  1. Another diversity pay off.

  2. ^^^ +1

    The dude couldn’t even talk, he spoke broken gibberish, one of the worst sportscasters to walk the planet.

  3. I am sick of Dan Margolies.

  4. Way to go there, Demetrice (gawd, no wonder Dee was used instead). Blacks have no integrity. Anything doesn’t go their way and the racism card is played. When they receive their ill-gotten gains (and they always do; can’t have the judge look racist), they’re proud of it. If I sued a black every time their breed offended me, I’d have to keep a lawyer on retainer.

  5. Dee has school superintendent written all over him.
    Go for it, Dee!
    There are districts around the metro that are turning over at the rate of once every two years.
    And the payoffs are BIG!

  6. TKC's Stormfront Troopers win the comments again!


  7. Don't get promoted because you're not qualified? Bam! Whip out that race card and order a new Escalade.

  8. At least Jackson was better than then that Hayley chick that's on there now. And now that Ryan Marshall is leaving, time to hire another white?


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