Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Kansas City Russian Radio Double Take

Another glimpse at propaganda other than corporate hype already indoctrinating locals to keep eating. Read more:

Russia's Radio Sputnik, funded by the Kremlin, airing in Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri - As the FBI and other federal agencies look high and low for signs of Russian interference in the 2020 election, Russian propaganda is being transmitted on America's airwaves in Kansas City, Missouri. Formerly known as Radio Moscow, the Kremlin-funded Radio Sputnik is airing on three local stations and is delivered by Americans from a Washington studio.


Anonymous said...

Something else for comrade Republicans to listen to when they want a break from Fox and Infowars.

Anonymous said...

Right wing Democrats still loving the American military empire and living in the cold war 1980s.

Anonymous said...

Hello Joe McCarthy, this is 2020 calling. We want you to know what Russia is the enemy of: Wall Street high finance corporate takeover of Asia, the USA military empire wars, and the deep state cold war.

Joe, don't start that election shit, Wall Street $$ and mainstream Media BS are a thousand times more insidious and influential than Russia. Just look at Magic Mike Bloomberg.

Joe McCarthy, Russia is not the enemy of the people so Fuck off and die again. 2020

Ed Ziffel said...

"Propaganda" = Any narrative not controlled by Jews

Anonymous said...

I guess if I was a Russian I may think that Putin was a real prick, who knows. But as an American, I got nothing against him. He's not doing anything to take bread off of my table. He encouraged us not to invade Iraq we did it anyway. he encouraged NATO not to overthrow Qadafi and we did it anyway. he told us it was an awful idea to fund and arm terrrorist jihadis in Syria but we did it anyway. we should maybe listen to him not because we are russian stooges but maybe because he can tell us truths about our own government that we won't ever get on CNN .... just a thought.

go find Putin's remarks to the 2006 Munich security conference. not hard to find on you tube or elsewhere. tell me if you disagree with anything in them! this was three years into our ridiculous invasion and occupation and civil-war-stoking in Iraq. we had destroyed the place and there were no weapons of mass destruction. why did nato keep existing, let alone keep expanding, after the dissolution of the warsaw pact and the disentegration of the USSR??? why do NATO bases appear closer and closer to russia's borders?? wasteful bureaucratic drift, military industrial complex, etc.


Anonymous said...

it's on 102.9, an out-there radio channel with local content too. Johny from Tarsney Lake has one of the weirdest shows you'll ever hear. I hate to miss it. also I think JohnChristopher's Neon Beat is on that station.

odd that the america is so fragile that the existence of an alternative viewpoint on one li'l obscure radio station evidently threatens our entire democracy. I think we are a pretty great country with great people and this won't hurt us at all and inf act may be nice to get another viewpoint but what the hell do I know NPR informs me that I"m a kremlin stooge to wrongthink this way.

back during original McCarthyism the red-baiters had to at least act like they were keeping up with the intelligentsia, the playwrights, the authors, the artists etc. they had to at least feign erudition. e.g. hauling Aaron Copland before the McCarthy's committee for writing the score to "the North Star" movie.

today's neo mccarthyism is so stupid and low brow it's just "uh russia interfered" and "putin's a thug"


MDLQ said...


Signed: B. Baddenough

Anonymous said...

Joni is the owners wife. Odd couple. She is Catholic and would not have sex before marriage...it was at least her second marriage...but the word is she restricts sex after marriage as well! LOL!

Gus said...

It'll still be light years better than Dana and Parks.