Saturday, February 15, 2020

Kansas City Russian Propaganda Review

A smallish station broadcasting foreign influence at low wattage made a great deal of news this week. Here's a hot take from locals who suffered through the content. Checkit:

What we learned from a week of listening to Russian propaganda on KC airwaves

Illustration by Christian TothIn January, Radio Sputnik, a Russian state-sponsored news agency that U.S. intelligence has called a "propaganda machine," reached a deal to broadcast on three frequencies in Kansas City, all under the banner of Liberty-based KCXL. The agreement made national news; the Kansas City Star published an outraged editorial.


Anonymous said...

So this is where the dimwits get their fake news! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

The owner is a dolt.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine did an advertising deal with the owner last year. Useless. He wasted his money.

Extra Crispy Colonel said...

Jews don't control media narratives in Russia, and (((they))) sure as hell don't control Pastor Rick Wiles and TruNews. We're lucky to have KXCL and the Non-Kosher perspectives offered on Sputnik.