Kansas City Right Wing Ruckus Tonight

Busy day here at TKC and we're still going to do a bit more work behind the scenes but for right now we take a moment to feature Kansas City's GOLD STANDARD of political discourse for the local elite and cowtown power player decision makers . . . Which isn't totally a contradiction.

Check the description . . .

"Mike Shanin talks to Rashida Phillips, Executive Director of the American Jazz Museum, about efforts to revitalize the museum. Lisa Johnston, Steve Mirakian, Patrick Tuohey and Shawn Saving discuss details of the proposed KCMO budget plan, the battle over abortion rights and Medicaid expansion in Kansas and the effects of Twitter and other social media on today's politics."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. Not a republican but I'll say this:

    Mirakian explains the President's tweeet better than anybody else I've seen. Fox news really does need to give him a call because he has a better understanding of the issue than most.

  2. Good show for a change.

  3. 17:50 mark

    Who is this Shirley Tweeting that Shanin mentioned?

  4. An all-white panel? Mo Rage will be mad at this...

    1. He would be a hypocrite, the main guest was the new leader for the jazz museum.

  5. Another lifeless edition of Killer Shitty Week in Review

  6. ^^another worthless post from a lonely geezer waiting to die.

  7. If I could park anywhere near the Jazz District and not get my car windows broken and my stuff stolen, that would be great. Have a good time there if you can Uber in, but otherwise, expect to file an insurance claim for your vehicle. I lost my briefcase and laptop from my trunk on one trip, and a guest's luggage on another. Never again.

  8. ^^OK Boomer.


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