Friday, February 28, 2020

Kansas City Priorities: Taxpayers Will Fund Martini Corner Good Times

The party never stops with the help of City Hall. Here's an IMPORTANT bit of journalism regarding local subsidy of a struggling booze game. Read more:

KCMO approves plan to use sales tax dollars to redevelop part of Martini Corner

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Your tax dollars will now help foot the bill to help redevelop an abandoned building on Martini Corner in Kansas City, Missouri. Thursday, the city council agreed to set up a community improvement district (CID) around a building at 31st and Oak streets.


Anonymous said...

So what. If you spend money there, you pay an extra 1% on your bill. Its the same difference to you as if the business just raised prices 1%.

So the why do these businesses want to establish a CID? Simple, because they can disguise the additional 1% charge as a tax. For an operation of this size, it will be interesting to see if the amount of money raised is sufficient to justify the administrative burden of maintaining the CID in a manner required by law.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if it involves alcohol smiley selfies Lucas is all in!

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Anonymous said...

Hey 5:18. Try to find any other CID, or TIF for that matter, that's been audited to find out how much money is raised and how it's been spent. It doesn't happen.