Kansas City Priest Shell Game Continues

Sad news with a local connection . . . The practice of alleged creeper priests moving from one place to the next continues even without help from clerics in the hierarchy . . . Checkit:

Priests on sex offender registry find a home in alternative ministry

Father Jamie Forsythe has always felt his purpose was to be a priest.He pursued that calling even after he pleaded guilty in 1989 to a charge of attempting to takeindecent liberties with a 15-year-old boy in Kansas, serving time in prison, and being laicized - officially removed from the priesthood - by the Catholic Archdiocese of Kansas City.


  1. It's hard to imagine anyone being a Catholic these days.

  2. Fuck the money cult. All the queers should be executed. Wherever they ship the queers to they should be hunted down like the filthy animals they are and destroyed

  3. God has clearly stated that evil people, the sexually perverted will not end up in heaven. What part of that does the Catholic church not understand. Its in the Bible if they care to read it. Jesus said that, are they calling him a liar? Have nothing to do with the wicked!

  4. Only someone who follows the devil would molest small kids. The Catholic church is polluted and untrustworthy. Is it really the true inspired church of God, or a fake religion made by the Devil to deceive?


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