Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Kansas City Preppers Hope Freeze-Dried Cuisine Will Save Them From Coronavirus

Here's a peek at planning among brave souls hoping to survive this or the next apocalypse as they imagine a brave new world without all of their social media frenemies.

No hate here given that Christians are OGs in the doomsday cult game . . . And with respect to Henry Bemis in the 1959 Twilight Zone classic "Time Enough at Last" . . . Be sure to pack an extra pair of glasses.

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Coronavirus threat has impact at KC prepper store

The coronavirus threat is having an impact at a Kansas City preparedness store.Bossert's Military Surplus said a customer recently bought all of its 3M breathing masks to send to someone serving overseas."I think there's a genuine concern. I don't think it's hype. But the impact of the U.S.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we will make personal hygiene a requirement. Never seen a period of time were more people stuck their fingers in their nose and mouth, followed by touching something public. Then back up the nose or mouth. Mostly people 30 on down. It's Ass to mouth 2020.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Chuck can finally use up his nitrogen-sealed Y2K stash.

Anonymous said...


"Now if everyone will just stay out of my way, then nobody will get hurt!!!"

Anonymous said...

@7:223 it's been "Ass to Mouth" for Trump's supporters since 2016!

Anonymous said...

Yes fellow citizen, no need to be prepared, the government will take care of you.

Anonymous said...

Trump says, "Mission Accomplished." All is well. Just like Bush. Oh, wait... .

Lorem Ipsum said...

"The Donald" just got on touch with his inner Chip Diller!
(Kevin Bacon, if you're not an Animal House fan)



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