Kansas City Pothole Pandering Persists

If only Kansas City could find a way to fill potholes with endless chatter and broken promises . . . Here's local content attempting to reason with complainers and provide a platform for politicos to feign concern . . . Checkit:

Pothole Mania

It feels like potholes are everywhere in Kansas City, especially if you listened to Mayor Quinton Lucas' recent speech. That's why we're devoting a full hour to studying the pothole from different angles with people who are taking matters into their own hands.


  1. The latest fad is to cease all new development and unincorporated everything north of the river. The next proposal will eliminate all cars from the roads to prevent potholes.

  2. Why does a fucking study need to be done?
    You get in a fucking truck with a bed full of asphalt and you find potholes,you fillthemand then you tamp or roll them and move on to the next 1...or 100


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