Kansas City Pothole Fight Continues . . .

Worthwhile backstory on this struggle that persists over years and miles . . . Here's a word with the one of the VERY BEST local advocates for the petition in Waldo AND a reminder that streets across the metro on the Missouri side stay losing. Read more:

Missourians Might Complain The Most, But A Hellish Pothole Problem Is Not Unique To Kansas City

Last July, Frank Sereno, who lives in Kansas City, Missouri's Waldo neighborhood, gathered his neighbors and threw a three-month anniversary party for a pothole, complete with birthday cake. He was fed up. He had reported this specific pothole, which was outside his house, to City Hall's 311 Action Center three months earlier to no avail.


  1. It's time to go over the head of quinton lucas and the city administration. Go to the Gov and demand something be done it's obvious the city has a problem with corruption and stealing tax payers money. Going to city hall is a waste of time. The state needs to come in and take over city hall.

  2. Yet the city wants local control over the police dept? what a joke...The state might counter and offer - once you can fix the potholes and offer your citizens quality streets to drive on - then we can talk. Mayor Q is more for filling a fellow Gay butthole than a pothole!!! Democrate leadership is a cancer where ever its present!


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