Thursday, February 20, 2020

Kansas City Pedestrian Danger Video TOTALLY WASN'T STAGED By Activists

The suckers at a local TV news station fell for this video THAT SEEMS COMPLETELY VALID and not the work of activists that matches up to one of their luxury addresses . . . Sparked by phony outrage, here's a glimpse at advocates complaining because some rando walked into the middle of the street and cars didn't stop for him. Never mind that the dude could've walked less than one block up to the light and crossed in a protected intersection.


Advocates push for safer pedestrian crossings in downtown Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Pedestrians are feeling less than safe at a designated crosswalk where Kansas City drivers don't seem to be stopping when people want to cross. The crosswalk spans six lanes of traffic on Main Street at 30th Street.


Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Remember the “explosive” fuel tanks that were staged?
The news isn’t news anymore. It’s what someone in an office somewhere decided that what they believe in will be put on the air. Even if they have to fake it

Anonymous said...

^^^^ +2020

It's the public's job to decipher information nowaday. Saw this earlier today on facebook, interesting how every City Hall communications worker reposted it.

Anonymous said...

We all see this shit happening all the time but Tony thinks that proves it's staged because if it really happened someone would have fixed it by now.

Anonymous said...

Riiight because if city people think it's effed up it has to be fake. Veeery suspiciousssss it must be a conspeeeeracy!!!

Anonymous said...

If you never see this happening are you a crackhead driving around in a car full of smoke while watching kiddie porn?

Anonymous said...

This is from the same people who brought us bike lanes of course it's dishonest and staged