Thursday, February 27, 2020

Kansas City Overnight Ruckus

For our beloved night owls we share quick look at the GOLD STANDARD of Kansas City political discourse and a great overview of the local conversation as the election year ramps up.

Here's the premise:

"Mike Shanin talks to Rosilyn Temple, Executive Director of KC Mothers in Charge, about the organization's efforts to curb violent crime in Kansas City. Annie Presley, Arthur Benson, Chris Reeves and Ron Freeman discuss the earnings tax in KCMO and efforts in Kansas to add an earnings tax, the push by Mayor Lucas to pardon pot convictions and the remaining Democratic candidates for president."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Finally some disagreement here. Better when they mix up the panel sometimes.

Frankie Sinatra said...

Shanin is all class, baby. A real King Tomato.


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Hyperblogal said...

I can't hit the remote button fast enough if I see Arthur Benson.

Anonymous said...

(the weekly viral news show)

KC Mothers In Charge
Why Are We So Angry? ($75,000 project funding via federal grant)
Answering the question "Why are black women so angry?"
A) uneducated; doing well in school is a "white" thing
B) 2-parent household model is nearly extinct
C) can't keep your legs together; out-of-wedlock births is the norm
D) brainwashed into believing that you're a perma-victim
E) lack of respect for law enforcement/legal system
F) culture that promotes crime, drugs, dependency
G) widespread obesity, lack of exercise, poor diet
H) all of the above

Grip Madlock said...

Arthur Benson of the law firm White and Guilt

Grip Madlock said...

Chris Reeves looks like he has a basement full of young boys

Anonymous said...

^^OK Faggot.