Friday, February 28, 2020

Kansas City October Killing Charged

Followup on a tragic scene wherein court dox claim that a verbal confrontation led to a shooting and the victim drove himself to the hospital only to die later of his injuries. Read more:

Charges have been filed in an October 2019 fatal shooting

by: Sam Atwell Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Eric Conaway, of Kansas City, Missouri, has been charged in the shooting death of Rayford E. Reed in the area of 29 th and Askew, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced Friday morning.


Anonymous said...

Has Jean Petersucker Baker announced the terms of his probation yet?

Anonymous said...

Oh, shit!
Now, I can't decide whether to bail out white rapist Zach or darkie murderer Eric for my hot date this weekend.

Anonymous said...

It was the Gun. That's why we post pictures of them.