Wednesday, February 12, 2020


Local corporations want to offload costs of providing employees decent options . . . And so, here's a glimpse at the march toward "single-payer" as the topic of healthcare remains one of the biggest weaknesses in the GOP platform. Checkit:

Kansas City Business Leaders Want Medicaid Expansion On Missouri's November Ballot

Kansas City's business leaders have officially come out in favor of expanding Medicaid in Missouri. In a move that could put more political and financial heft behind a campaign effort, the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Greater Kansas City and Civic Council of Greater Kansas City on Tuesday announced their support for a petition drive to put Medicaid expansion on Missouri's November ballot.


Anonymous said...

“Kansas City business leaders want expansion of Medicaid”

No shit Sherlock, they want more money.

Anonymous said...

Doctors need to keep up on those McMansion and Porsche payments.

Smokey, Louies, Leggio, and Mesh's Epitaph said...

11:42 its a "snow job" just like when KCFD took over MAST - to the public it looked one way and in the back office it was a strategic scam to the public and the voters. Voters are so ignorant, and while there was no public vote to move MAST into the city Fire Dept, to this day the public sufferes from sub quality EMS care because greedy corrupt fire and city leaders thought that was a good idea - which it wasnt! But it is what it is and corrupt governments care nothing about their voters as long as they get that vote!!

Anonymous said...

^^^ WOW Mast has been gone for 10 years!! It amazes me that there is still so much hate, not from prior MAST employees obviously but from the public who hates us KCFD heros, look we might be gay, but we respond to calls when dispatch actually answers the phone - 911 calls start with KCPD so dont blame us for a 10 minuet delay and your loved one dies from cardiac arrest. We are always on duty, we troll for young pussy on the plaza , Westport and Power and Light, look we are board and cruising for trim keeps us at the top of our game, which isnt providing a 5 star EMS and Fire service for the residents of KCMO, we are FF's motherfuckers, we got a pension and cheat on our wives, we have a UNION who will suck our dick for dues, so we have it made, and while we are truley not heros on most occassions, once in a while we accidently get the job done. We need to Get Trump out of office fellow democrates so we can scam each and every one of you once you vote Democrate.