Monday, February 17, 2020

Kansas City Museum Skyspace Coming Soon

Update on the ongoing Northeast remodel and lofty aspirations . . .

The Kansas City Museum Foundation has commissioned James Turrell, best known for his light-centric Skyspace installations around the world, to create a new work for the museum. As the artist’s website explains, “A Turrell Skyspace is a specifically proportioned chamber with an aperture in the ceiling open to the sky.”

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Arts News: Kansas City Museum Commissions a Skyspace - KC STUDIO

After nearly three years of construction work and extensive renovations to Corinthian Hall, the Kansas City Museum at 3218 Gladstone Boulevard will reopen to the public early next year. In 2014, the Kansas City Parks & Recreation Department assumed management of the museum.


Anonymous said...

Putting a hole in the roof is "Art"?
Philistinism looks more and more attractive every year!

Anonymous said...

2/17/20 5:55 pm is already the idiot Philistine he finds so attractive and obviously knows nothing about James Turrell's series of Skyspaces. The entire Kansas City community and region would be honored and enriched by having a Skyspace here, and especially on the Corinthian Hall grounds.