Kansas City Murder Suspect Dead Following High Speed Police Chase Crash

Runaround report and glimpse at KCPD struggling to keep up with reckless local killers . . . Checkit:

Suspect wanted in connection to homicide dies following police chase, crash

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A suspect died following a police chase and crash Thursday afternoon. Kansas City, Missouri, police tried to pull a car over near East 40th Street and Olive Street. The driver was wanted in connection to a homicide. He rammed a KCPD patrol car during the chase, police said.


  1. Saved us some cash . Can't beat a deal like dat.

  2. ^^^ no shit, Petersucker probably let this murderous black dirtbag out with no bond, yes, she’s that stupid.

    We all know she would have let him go on probation anyway so the dipshit did us all a favor and whacked himself.

  3. This post is about as good as that guy that dropped a prius on his head last week. The metro is doing a great job at dealing with these fucks.


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