Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Kansas City Middle-Class And Hipsters Discover New Midtown Breakfast Favorite

Here's a friendly and EXCEPTIONAL WRITE-UP that introduces an audience to a local place and maybe "encourages" a potential advertiser to keep pumping money into a publication . . . There's nothing wrong with that kind of old school strategy that might or might not work. Meanwhile, we simply enjoy the serving of local hype for a place where white ladies indulge in carbs and pray that real life doesn't confront them on their way back to the SUV.


There's A Perpetual Line Out The Door at the New Snooze Eatery-And Now We Know Why! - In Kansas City

This past Monday, I bopped into the new breakfast hotspot Snooze Eatery expecting a lengthy wait. Mercifully, it was hectic, but sans dramatic line out the door. Rumor has it the place was so jam-packed during opening weekend; they were on a two-hour wait from the minute they opened their doors to ravenous clientele.


Anonymous said...

They call the shit they serve there food?

Anonymous said...

^^Yes. It's not Bob evans geezer, so you wouldn't know.

Anonymous said...

Chimpy plays the hits! Do Matlock next, clown.