Thursday, February 13, 2020

Kansas City 'Local Control' One Step Closer

A bad idea gets more consideration amid an election year and a ramped up effort that might not lower the homicide rate or reduce crime but will allow greater political influence in how the department operates.

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Kansas City Council committee to look into taking control of KCPD

KANSAS CITY, Mo.-- A study to determine whether the city should take direct control over its police department has been approved by the public safety committee. Opponents believe police do a better job working outside the influence of local politics.


Anonymous said...

"....make police more accountable to leaders elected by the people they serve and protect."

So what sort of ideas do the leaders elected by the people currently have? Or do they need another study first. The completely unqualified bunch can invent grandstanding vibrant new suggestions every week!

Anonymous said...

The only reason to take control of the police is by controlling their budget, namely the out of control payroll

Anonymous said...

Block by block seal and search of homes is the onlybthing that will lower the crime rate. Then make convicted serve all their time.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what the qualifications are of the people who are in this committee... The fact that they were elected to the council does not mean that they should be allowed to make recommendations. The Mayor needs to keep an eye on this.
Q: How is At Louis doing with their murder rate now that they have local control of the police dept???

Anonymous said...

2:47 that is a load of bs. People complaining that the police do not have enough training for this or for that and then demand that need to find the perpetrator of this or that, so they need to be paid less while pretending that a horse should learn how to tie the city council's shoes.

Anonymous said...

This committee's recommendations will carry about as much weight in Jeff City as the proposals from Jolie Justus' "Anti-Crime Task Force".
Which is to say NONE.
Just a quick glance at the condition of about ALL the city's basic services demonstrate the upside-down priorities, incompetence, lack of oversight, and complete inability to hold anyone accountable for results by the current gang of elected clowns at 12th and Oak demonstrate what a truly bad idea this is.
Additionally, there already is local control of the KCPD.
ALL of the members of the police board are residents of KCMO.
This committee would do better by spending its time filling potholes.

Harold Eugene Johnson said...

Corruption is alive an well in some police areas of Kansas City, so Missouri state should retain control of KCPD, to prevent problems from getting totally out of hand, like the nightmare Jackson County Government has become.

Anonymous said...

Do not ever allow local control of K.C.P.D. The City can't even operate a independent local jail and hasn't since the Leeds Farm/City Jail was torn down years ago! Can you imagine a city the size of this and no city jail to speak of?