Kansas City Lives On Handouts

Actually, this insight into local nonprofit employment isn't so horrible and demonstrates that this is really a very charitable town full of generous people who are not only willing to fund a good cause but also offer their backing to the level where it supports a great many working-class lives . . . More info for subscribers here:

Nonprofits deliver impact on Kansas City's economy - Kansas City Business Journal

In 2017, nonprofits spurred 14% of the Kansas City area's $131 billion in GDP. That's one of several indicators highlighted in Nonprofit Connect's Kansas City Nonprofit Impact report, which published Friday. Since 1976, Nonprofit Connect has provided professional development programs, management resources and an online job board to more than 700 organizations of all sizes within the Kansas City region.


  1. I think my favorite 'non profit' in town has to be the one on Delaware on that two block stretch with the silly angled parking - nothing like a nonprofit choosing the highest rent district in town for office activities that could take place anywhere. "hey we all click big salaries and drive home in our german cars at 3:30 we're a non profit". thx, radish

  2. 46 Percent of Our population live on handouts. Are you expecting Kc to be any different ?


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