Kansas City Housing Hot Mess Sparks Desperate Circumstances For Residents

Important testimony and a local who deserves to have his say amid descriptions of horrific living conditions. Checkit:

'I was this close to ending my life': Former TEH Realty tenants face mountain of struggles finding new homes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Residents of Nob Hill Apartments in South KC have just weeks left to pay up or get kicked out. The units are owned by troubled TEH Realty, which has come under fire nationwide for deplorable living conditions at its properties.


  1. How many of these "poor" hard working people also have the standard $50k car ? they all do in my neighborhood housing for the "poor". Poor often defined as spend all your money on stupid shit, not be responsible. Go to any Italian Garden, chillis, applebees, etc . on a Saturday. Most of the Cliental are these "poor" people. watch them get their nails and brows done at Oak park Mall.. Walmart if they lazy.

  2. Maybe the City can claw back some of the Taxpayer's money that has been poured into "Luxury Apartments" like One Light, Two Light and Three Light by temporarily (say for one or two years) housing these people RENT FREE in those developments!

    I'm sure that the owners of these places would fully cooperate with such a plan out of a sense of community responsibility.

  3. Perhaps the municipal government should exit the subsidized housing business. Forcing the mid to high level housing to accommodate the poor discounts the value of the high end housing. Regardless, Bernie wants to burn the house down so that will solve everything...

  4. There is no value to "High End" housing.
    Merely conspicuous consumption.
    There is only decent and not decent housing.


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