Thursday, February 20, 2020


Let's not forget that the former Guv was indicted on felony invasion of privacy charge and endured one of the best looking 'Conservative' mugshots we've seen in quite a while.

Now he's teasing comeback talk and could WRECK the Missouri GOP by playing the spoiler in a close upcoming election betwixt Guv Parson and Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway -- A revenge move that would prove Eric Greitens still the nice guy, class-act we remember.

Here's the conversation and TKC hope that KC Talker Pete Mundo kept a safe distance and didn't have to give up too much for this intimate conversation. Checkit:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

He's trying to get a book deal. If he runs, he gets maybe 500 votes and proves himself irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

He might have a chance if he campaigned wearing only his speedos.

Anonymous said...

Tony, Pete Mundo is the king of political talk in Kansas City.

This show is light years ahead of Dana and Parks. No dumb game shows, no boomer humor. No laughing fits over nothing. Mundo talks about issues. And finally, Mundo talks about stuff that affects ALL of Kansas City. Not just JOCO or Lawrence.

710 please put Mundo up against Dana and Parks. Pete will win no problem.

Anonymous said...

Mundo is a GOP Jock sniffer, nothing more. He's the king of kissing ass. Would rather listen to Dana cackle then a paid shill. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

50 listens on soundcloud.

Yea, I think Dana & Parks are safe.

Anonymous said...

2:56PM...I guess you like Jam or No Jam and Dana cackling like a hen for no reason.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for him if he chains me to a wall, naked, with his johnson stuffed down my throat like the slut dog that I am.

Okay. Back to work at the Daycare.

Anonymous said...

governor revenge-porn has got a huge war chest of shady money from the coasts. the israeli spy isn't done yet.

someone asked where is the white girl named sheena these days? back in Oregon I can only assume. i think it's fair to say she did not enjoy her time in the governor's mansion ....


Tracy Thomas said...

Radish, Sheena is the wife, not the hairdresser mistress.

Glad Tony posted this from Pete Mundo.

I now assume that Mo. campaign law is like Ks, in that you cannot harvest or transfer unspent funds in a gubernatorial campaign fund to run for SOMETHING ELSE? You must either return the funds to the donors. Or donate to charity?

Money burns a hole in many a man's pocket. One assumes this is true of Greitens. He is itching to get back into the game.

It is preposterous to believe he had no knowledge of the spending machinations of his fund. If that were true, (which it's not) it's a terrible indictment about a governor, not knowing where his own money was. Of course he knew. The MEC just couldn't dig up the evidence.

Note also his vocal intonations, so annoying. You'll never reinvent yourself as a radio or TV commentator. The Valley Girl style up cadence on phrases. Especially trying to emphasize words that appeal to him, like all the PAIN he endured!

Tell me, Eric--on a scale of 1 to 10, was that pain more or less than the pain when you were whipping that delusional hairdresser tied up in your basement while your wife, Sheena, was in the hospital giving birth to your second son?

I am a Republican. But cannot defend or support anything Eric Greitens does. He is desperate to reinvent himself. Shame on him. Still trying to spin that he is innocent, because the MEC couldn't present the evidence.

You may have gotten sympathy while gassing up your car--you're just lucky I wasn't there at the Caseys--to call your ass out.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

50 listens on soundcloud.

Yea, I think Dana & Parks are safe.

2/20/20, 2:56 PM"

Yes that's because a half million people were actually up and listening live to 710AM / 103.7 while driving to work to pay taxes that fund your EBT card, homer.