Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Kansas City Homeless Veterans Request Mayor Quinton Lucas Weed Pardon

A somewhat less than inspiring planted story hopes to thwart legal push back and otherwise negative reception of the Mayor's weed work with real life deets of rough life confronting the troops at home.

The reality is that local Conservatives & law enforcement aren't fans of the current Laissez-faire approach to weed forgiveness in KCMO whilst this missive hopes to remind hardliners how close to their own communities the drug trade hits.

Read more:

Municipal marijuana pardons will 'open' options for veterans

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Less than two weeks after Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Quinton Lucas' office it would begin the process of pardoning misdemeanor marijuana convictions, more than a dozen applications have come in. And for homeless veterans, that move from Lucas could be a step toward getting back on their feet.


Anonymous said...

Mayor Selfie Q is ALL about the gimmicks to garner publicity:

I was born a poor black child
Did I mention I was homeless?
I'm a professor!
Free public transportation
Marijuana offenses expunged
Sue a bankrupt gun manufacturer
Ban queer conversion therapy
Run around on the Chiefs sideline

Anonymous said...

Enough with the veterans. I have an office full of federal employees with a "disability" check each and every month. The righteous veterans needs to pick one or the other, not both The 100% "disability" is $3,500 a month. Endless federal employees with a $3,500 a month disability check and a $100,000 annual salary via the federal job. And the veterans employees cannot be touched. The panhandlers on the corners with the "I am a homeless vet" signs aren't veterans. And for reference, the Salvation Army is just blocks up the street. If you have change to give please give it to the Salvation Army; the Salvation Army that is providing the food and shelter to the panhandlers.

The "veterans" signed up for the job and were paid for the job. Unfortunate the veterans has such a high level of entitlement.


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