Kansas City Hipster Theater Companies Collaborate & Move To West Bottoms

This project is important to the culture of this town if only because THE CROSSROADS HAS PRICE OUT MORE ARTISTS and real creators are now finding other places to showcase their efforts and strengthen their communities . . . Checkit:

The Living Room And Fishtank Theatre Team Up On New Space

The Living Room and Fishtank Theatre are opening a new KC Theatre hub in The West Bottoms


  1. Crossroads died ten years ago when the City and the Developers discovered it.

  2. and yet it's still vibrant and alive unlike you. Weird.

    1. Oh Chimpy. Everything looks good from your cage! Lol

  3. the great thing about the west bottoms is, well a lot of things, it's like 1890s stood still. but it is that it totally escaped the attention of the Urban Renewal dips hits of the 1950s 1960s and 1970s. it was so poor and obsolete and out of the way that it escaped their attention. but the buildings are like so freaking well made that even though totally neglected they stand there structurally freaking fortresses.

    this block by block small-scale redevelopment and renewal is artist driven and is not top-directed, so far. but now with the artists coming into west bottoms I fear the airheads at city planning office will take note and start to ruin it soon.


  4. CHIMPLICKER @12:33, do us all a favor...
    copy this line


    now just paste that randomly here on TKC, and stop your pitiful attempts to be snarky. You never have anything to contribute, you never say anything original, you never have a point to make, and you're as boring as the cretin you are trying to slam!

    Just cut and paste that line, stop crying out for attention, then go back to playing with your shrunken pitiful little "ego" in the darkness of Mommy's Basement, will you?

    1. Don't think I will, really, but thanks for the suggestion. Anyway, your reading comprehension isn't very good because I've never posted that. Maybe you can do it for me? You seem upset and in need of some kind of outlet.

      Anyway, sorry about the frustration you must be experiencing with your life that makes you overreact to a fairly effective and amusing counter-shitposting strategy. My ego's just fine, and my living situation is quite pleasant and independent.

      Unlike Chimpy's. :)

  5. @10:09 thinks the Crossroads is "alive and vibrant"!
    Guess that tells us all we need to know about @10:09, doesn't it?

  6. Great @1:48 - when will we get to see some of your
    "fairly effective and amusing counter-shitposting strategy" ?
    Because all we ever see from you is the same repetitive crap!

    And the suggested "cut and paste" line was not a direct quotation, but instead a summary and condensation of everything we've see from your so far!


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