Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Kansas City Hipster Mardi Gras Agenda

We can't all have cool friends . . . And so here's a worthwhile guide to Kansas City places that charge a hefty but worthwhile free for a bit of Fat Tuesday camaraderie . . . Checkit:

Mardi Gras parties, the Big Chill Strong Ale Fest and Chili Tasting, plus more food and drink for your week

Fans of strong beers and chili (and pepto) should check out the annual Big Chill Strong Ale Fest and Chili Tasting at Stockyards Brewing Company (1600 Gennessee Street). More than a dozen local breweries will each be bringing one or two of their strongest beers (usually 7-11% ABV), as well as a chili made with one of those beers, for guests to sample and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Forget coffee and chili, Where's that awesome Polish povitica bread. That stuff is good.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Try Warsaw.

Anonymous said...

Hipster Mardi Gras agenda:
1. Suck dick
2. Drink shitty beer
3. Listen to shitty music
4. Take selfies to show other dipshits how cool it was

Anonymous said...

Oh, Chimpy/7:05, you don't know anything other than playing with your banana in a smelly zoo cage. Right in metro KC, there are Croatian, German, Irish, Polish, and Hispanic descended families making this pastry. Lucky us, we buy delicious walnut povitica from 2 excellent bakers, one of whom also sells their awesome tamales at Easter and Christmas (plus gives freebies to loyal customers). See, pagan ape, skipping Mass was a bad move.