Kansas City Helps Bankrupt Gunmaker

Actually, Jimenez makes pretty horrible, cheap guns and served as an easy target for this local power play . . . Read more:

Gunmaker Targeted By Kansas City Lawsuit Files For Bankruptcy

Jimenez Arms, the Nevada-based gun manufacturer that Kansas City sued last month, has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Nevada. The company's bankruptcy petition listed assets of less than $50,000. That, coupled with more than $1,000,000 in outstanding liabilities, may make it difficult for Kansas City, should it prevail in its lawsuit, to recover compensation from the company.


  1. The city will spend two million dollars to beat a gun manufacturer that’s dead and get nothing in return so smiley selfies Lucas can say look at me, I did this, I sure showed them didn’t I.

  2. If our lawsuit helped drive a stake through the heart of a company that manufactures crappy guns that flood our cities and get folks killed and maimed? HURRAH!!!

    Sadly the laws may actually protect these Merchants of Death from the consequences of their evil behavior.


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