Kansas City Heartland Branding Debuts

Our blog community wonders what ever happened to the "City Of Fountains" hype . . . Here's a look at "ad wizards" justifying their b.s. jobs mostly paid by local taxpayers . . . Checkit:

KCADC launches national "KC Heartland" brand campaign - MetroWire Media

To celebrate and maximize Kansas City's first NFL Super Bowl TM appearance in fifty years, ambassadors from the KC region will attend watch parties in select cities across the U.S., including Miami, LA, DC, NYC and Chicago, doubling down on the region's "KC Heartland" identity. "The idea


  1. The koloreds cant swim so they be gettin rid of da city of fountain that we are known for... plus the fact the city wants to get rid of all of them so they can put the money in their pockets

  2. Heartland Shit Hole


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