Police still investigating this drive-by shooting in a Southeast neighborhood that's has endured an uptick in gunfire along with the rest of KCMO. Checkit:

Police looking for shooter who fired into home, struck juvenile

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City police are asking for the public's help to catch the person who shot at a home and left a young person who was inside injured. While police did not release their age, they did say the victim was a juvenile.


  1. Honest to God, when are we going to all stand up and actually DO something about these pieces of shit who shoot into homes, crowds, cars, etc. without a single thought as to who may be sitting, standing, sleeping in their line of fire??? The time for talking is over.. unless it's to tell what you know and get these thugs off the streets. The next child, grandparent, or aunt/uncle who is in the way of a stray bullet may be someone you love. These assholes can't help but talk about their escapades so someone (or several someones) will always know what happened. This has got to end.

  2. Drive by shooters don't pick houses at random. Some gang banger living in that house had a beef with other violent gang bangers. Of course that is never part of the news story. The lesson should be, make your son/daughter/cousin/etc. who is gang affiliated or deals in drugs go live somewhere else.


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