Kansas City Guards Against Coronavirus

A quick peek at medical surveillance and the best local effort to keep a new virus at bay. Read more:

Kansas City area doctors remain alert for coronavirus, flu

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As concerns grow about the spread of the deadly coronavirus, at least one group in the Kansas City area continued to raise donations Monday to help people affected by the disease in China.


  1. RE: "A member of the Kansas City Chinese American Association said Monday the group had raised around $10,000 in donations to buy medical goggles to send to people in China."

    Medical goggles? What?

    (Brought to you by the Medical Goggle Salesman Association)

  2. You need med goggles if you insert a breathing tube as particles under force will spray you in the face. Or doing a tracotomy to insert a breathing tube, you get sprayed. Virus is spread by eye contamination. Eyes, nose, ears, throat can be the entry point.

  3. What is a "tracotomy"?


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