Monday, February 10, 2020

Kansas City Galentine's Day Explained

It's another FAKE HOLIDAY designed to gently extort cash from lonely women who would have otherwise avoided the phony sentiments . . . Checkit:

These Kansas City Women Are Serious About Celebrating Galentine's Day

Caitlin Morton used to dread Valentine's Day. That was before she met Sudiebelle Hare, a Kansas City artist who regularly paints colorful circles on canvas at events and music festivals and, until recently, sold her artwork on First Fridays from a regular spot on the sidewalk across from Grinder's in the Crossroads.


Anonymous said...

Well, they're not hurting anybody I guess.

Anonymous said...

#1 criteria for receiving one. Must be fugly as dogshit.

Anonymous said...

These ladies just need a little Vitamin D, amirite?