Kansas City Family Loses Lexus In EPIC Northland Water Main Break Sinkhole

Filed under "This is why we can't have anything nice" here's a double take on a popular KCMO busted infrastructure story:

KC family's brand-new car caught in sinkhole near North Kansas Avenue and Northeast Russell Road

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Kansas City road crews are working to repair a street after a driver drove into a sink-hole Monday afternoon. The nose of a car went into a sinkhole near North Kansas Avenue and Northeast Russell Road around 1. It took two tow trucks working together to pull it out of the sinkhole.


  1. Like most Northland residential streets, this road is more "patch" than "street" after years of "two-foot-at-a-time" replacement of unmaintained water and sewer pipes only when breaks occurred during the past sixty-nine years since Kansas City annexed the area.

    The City ha never been able to supply adequate services to the Northland, and it is time that the City admitted its failure and allowed the Northland to de-annex and go its own way.

  2. To maintain pretty much anything, first you need a multi-year plan, including locked-in funding.
    But most importantly, you need a commitment on the part of the electeds that basic services, including street and utility maintenance, are high priorities.
    That's never been the case in KCMO and the upside-down priorities, waste, and "emergency" funding of the current BIG BIG thing continues to this day.
    Maybe the voters should elect some people who actually have an understanding and appreciation, or at least some interest, in what a municipal government does.

  3. RIP Northland

  4. Paris of the Plains is starting to look like a mid-size Latin American city.
    Fix the Roads!!!


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