Kansas City Earns Moviemaker Top Ranking

There are a ton of commercials produced in this town and this list hopes that cinematic offering will soon make a great impact on local culture in the age of Netflix and Youtube domination . . . Read more:

Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker 2020

News BIG CITIES (continued) 17. Kansas City, Missouri The film-friendly city that brought you Robert Altman, Don Cheadle, Ellie Kemper, Janelle Monae, Dianne Wiest, and Mickey Mouse is also home to eight equipment rental houses, nearly three dozen production facilities, and 15 film festivals.


  1. Commercials aren't really movies, hopefully we'll get some better content from KC if this ranking is really accurate.

  2. This is a Des Moines play... trying to constantly promote ways we are special and self validate. Chill.

  3. I am sure they could film a thug movie here and wouldn't have to hire any actors or build any sets.
    From the Plaza to the ghetto, lots of backdrops.
    They could even bring in a food truck for bait.


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