The Chinese bug might be worsening across the globe but it hasn't turned up here so far . . . Here's the latest:

KCMO health department releases 2 people from monitoring for coronavirus

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two people have been released from self-monitoring after they showed no signs of coronavirus, the Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department said Friday. Earlier this week, KCHD said it was monitoring fewer than 10 people for possible coronavirus. The two people released Friday were given the all-clear after a two-week monitoring program.


  1. Spring time doom. MLB season will be suspended. Schools and work places close. Many factories stay that way into fall due to parts shortages.

  2. We still have the Chiefs. A game would be a great way to spread the shit to 10,000 fans.

  3. Meanwhile the Crickets are chirping in the Anti Vaxxer Section.

  4. Talk radio has suggested Corona was designed to kill millions, so it will probably spread to a neighborhood near you very soon. San Quinton Donald Ludicrous likes to attract large crows, and they could be used to spread the disease, which would kill off some of the killers in Kansas City for a brighter future. Enjoy!

  5. HIV was invented to kill Monkeys off. Look at its success at targeting a group.

  6. It is a new variety of the flu. About 80% have little if any symptoms. About 2% die. About 5% end up in the health care system. The metro area doesn't have health care resources sufficient to address 25,000 hospitalizations. Work passed out masks and info sheets from the CDW stating masks don't help. It is no longer a matter of if the virus happens but when and how the virus happens. 25,000 hospitalizations over a period of months is much easier to deal with than 25,000 hospitalization at once.


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