Kansas City Coronavirus Risk Low For Now

For those of us who watch local government closely . . . This reassurance is anything but . . . Here's the Wu-Tang warning if only so readers can avoid being an Old Dirty Bastard and stop eating that damn bat soup . . .

KC-area health officials continue to educate about coronavirus

Health officials in Kansas and Missouri continue to monitor worldwide reports about the coronavirus.There are no confirmed cases on either side of the state line, but public health officials are taking steps to educate community members about the virus.This week, Kansas City Health Department Director Rex Archer briefed the Kansas City Health Commission about the spread of the virus.Click here to see his presentation.Johnson County, Kansas, health officials continue to educate the public, too."The risk is low," said Nancy Tausz, division director of Johnson County Health Services.


  1. We don't know if this virus is low here there are so many people laying on the floor dead in China that they have no place to put them and no way of knowing where they have been. Everything is being keep quiet not to cause panic. But hey you can go to St. Luke's they are running a chiefs win party instead of a hospital that ought to make everyone feel better. It's a real clown show.

  2. I had the coronavirus last July. Drank a 12 pack of Corona and a pint of tequila. Felt like crud for two days.

  3. The Mayor already has the cornhole virus.

  4. If it comes here it will explode through the sloppy hygiene resteraunts and fast food joints.

  5. It's coming. It will be bad.

  6. ^^^^^ Or maybe its just a legitimate health crisis that deserves attention but not panic.

    Hide in your basement. We'll tell you when its safe to come out!

  7. It’s an engineered bio weapon that escaped into the population hence the infusion of hiv in the mechanism of the virus itself prolonging the incubation period preceding symptoms multiplying human to human contact quickly overwhelming a population. Perfect bio weapon, so when the chinks open their mouth about animal to human contact it’s a fucking lie like everything else that comes out of their commie government


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